Chrome Update Permits Users to Access Paywalls via

Chrome Update Permits Users to Access Paywalls via New Incognito Mode

It is quite common that Google doesn’t lessen its efforts to update its Chrome web browser websites to analyze when visitors are using the Incognito Mode, making it convenient for people to dodge paywalls on websites.

With the latest update, it is designed to enhance the user’s privacy by averting websites to monitor the status when people are making use of the private browsing mode.

According to a latest Google blog post, the tech giant said, “We want you to be able to access the web privately, with the assurance that your choice to do so is private as well”. They described that for situations such as domestic abuse or political oppression, people might hold vital safety reasons for masking their web activity and make use of the private browsing mode.

It is important to note that, the latest update has been introduced after a study exposed that 93 per cent of pornography portals amass user data and later share it to third parties, regardless of the private browsing feature.

However, one of the prime consequences with the launch of this update is its effect on several web publishers who examine visitors making use of Incognito Mode with a purpose to ensure they aren’t getting around quantified paywall.

There are some news publishers and varied websites which deliver limited volume of free content after which the visitor is required to avail a subscription. Hence, with an aim to bypass this limit, there are users who take help from Incognito Mode to create an image as if they had never visited that website before.

Lately, websites initiated their hunt to find users who were using private browsing feature and prohibited them from viewing the portal.

But with the new Chrome update, websites who had their safeguarding their paywall through the blocking method will no longer be possible.

Within the blog post, Google mentioned that people’s privacy needs to be prioritized without focusing too much on the income inflows for online publishers.

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