Google Eliminates 29 Malicious Android Apps Which

Google Eliminates 29 Malicious Android Apps Which Have Already Been Downloaded Hundreds of Times

Over the past few months, hundreds of apps hiding malicious content are getting listed on Google Play Store. The worst part is that even with strict measures to spot them, they get disguised as valid applications. These wicked apps contain malware known as Dress code, which is designed to penetrate networks and ultimately steal data.

Furthermore, it is also capable of linking an infected device to a Botnet that is clever of carrying out denial-of-service or DDoS attacks and later involving in active spam email crusades.

In order to put a full stop and safeguard the Play Store, Google is constantly abolishing malicious apps. The latest attempt involves the exclusion of 29 such apps that had already been downloaded millions of times!

A report published by Trend Micro states that a variety of Google Play apps cantered around ‘Beauty Camera’ apps used to send pornographic content to the users and also transmitted them to phishing websites to gather their pictures. The dangers associated with these apps were linked to remote ad configuration servers that initiated these attacks.

Amusingly, the maximum share of download counts came from Asia, especially in India, representing the demographics of the geographical region more susceptible to such cyberattacks.

For the users, these malicious apps pose difficulty while deleting them, since they automatically create a shortcut in the device. You will not see the icon, but the faulty apps stay hidden to create trouble in the future.

How to detect their wrongdoings? The most common technique followed by these apps to initiate a phishing attack is by forcing several full-screen ads the moment the user unlocks his/her device.

In order to resist such attacks, users can follow the two basic steps:

Install Mobile Security Software

If you already hold good knowledge about mobile threats, then it can surely help you in protecting your device. Install a trustworthy mobile internet security pack like Norton Mobile Security. They help in detecting different types of malware and further halts their spreading before it actually tries to destroy your device.

Prefer Downloading Apps from Registered App Stores

It should be followed as a rule to download apps only from official app stores. However, with this precautionary measure, one must always go through the app reviews. For example, if a highly rated mobile application has lesser posted reviews, it probably ends up being a malicious app.

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