How to do local SEO for multiple locations

How to Do Local SEO for Multiple Locations

Today’s online businesses not considered single-state location for business. So question is that How do I reach customers across state lines?”

There are many ways to reach your client online through paid ads, search engine optimization (SEO), Social media advertising, etc.

As we know that paid advertising Is good for instant result, keep reading to uncover some tips and tricks that can help your business stand out from the competition. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a road term used to describe anything you do to improve your website so that it ranks higher in search engine results for keywords and phrases related to your business. local SEO helps to ensure that your business appears in top search results when people in your area search for online products and services related to your offerings.

Real Life Example: Akshay of Equitable Fitness Services has provided me with a good case-study of a “local” business owner who expanded his reach, mostly just by nailing the on-site content.  Joe and his wife, Roshni, are business consultant mediators.  They work in-person with clients but travel all over the country to do it.  They didn’t need visibility in Google’s & Bing non-local organic results but needed to get visible in specific local markets.  And they wanted to get more visible in specific states, for certain state-specific search terms.

We worked together at the beginning of 2015, when Akshay and Roshini had me do an X-Ray – meaning I did analysis of their situation and gave them report with all my specific suggestions.

As of this report, Akshay and Roshni haven’t taken all of my suggestions.  Also, they were doing a number of things very well.  Still, they’ve taken enough suggestions to see results, put in serious work, and are a great example of how to cast a wider net.

Because every situation is different, you probably can’t do the exact steps Akshay describes and expect the same results.  Local SEO is not a paint-by-numbers deal.  But at the very least his article will give you some ideas, and should make your next steps a little clearer.

Reach your intended audience

Multiple locations cater to different demographics. if your business is working in multiple locations, this can make it difficult to streamline your marketing efforts. Creating unique content pages for each location can help you better communicate with potential customers in each cities area.

Rank higher in search results

When displaying search results, Google and Bing other search engines factor in location data. For example, if you’re in Delhi and you search online for burger shops, you aren’t going to want to see results for restaurants in Mumbai– and Google takes this into account.

Expand your reach

Nowadays People tend to include location (cities, states, regions) when searching for businesses online. For example, they might search for “spine care center” or “Delhi in India.” When people in your area search online for products or services related to your business, you want your company to appear in the top search results, and local SEO can help you.

In Google search engine for the top keywords related to your business. Are there a lot of Google Maps listings on the first page of results? If your business strictly sales locally or you’re trying to expand your local reach, it’s time to consider local SEO strategies.

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