Sundar Pichai Declines Salary Hike Says He Has Pai

Sundar Pichai Declines Salary Hike Says He Has Paid Adequate

Since years, Google’s Sundar Pichai has maintained his status of being one of the highest-earning CEOs. However, with his earnings expected to take a hike, the genius mind has decided steady his salary and not push further.

It has been revealed that Pichai has turned down a significant stock funding in 2018, emphasizing that he was paid more than enough.

As per Bloomberg, Pichai allegedly declined the shares since he felt his payment was adequate. Although the exact amount the current Google CEO declined is unclear, but if reports are to believed it is likely to be somewhere around $58 million!

This act might not be purely out of goodness because at a staff meeting held earlier this year, questions were raised by a Google employee regarding the massive payout for the company’s CEO. The concern was linked to the salaries of several lower level employees who were stressed to fulfill basic amenities in Silicon Valley.

Apparently, Alphabet, the parent company for Google, would be conducting a meeting later this year to analyze the CEO’s compensation, and possibly review some portions of it.

As a result of this action, Pichai has plunged in the list of ‘Most Reputable CEOs’.

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