What Strategy We Use to Rank a Website in Google N

What Strategy We Use to Rank a Website in Google News?

For brand promotion and business development over the internet, there is a need to keep up with the major supporters that are tagged as online market influencers. One such prominent influencer is Google News!

Almost everyone is aware about Google and Google News, but the intricacies associated to it aren’t known by all. To be precise, Google News is a simulated search engine vertical that collects and combines news stories as well as headlines gathered from 50,000+ information sources covering the globe. Following this, Google displays them according to user interests and preferences, or via search filtering. In order to open Google News, you can directly acces the link- https://news.google.com/; or else, access the ‘News’ section present on the main search bar of Google homepage.

Why Prefer Google News for Promotions?

It should be known that, for this question there are obvious answers which highlight some prime pointers such as service reach, traffic and visibility; however, if we explore the depth of it, the actual answer can be pretty much complex.

Based on researched facts, more than 60% of the people rely on Google News for receiving timely & updated news. Looking at this level of faith and when combined with previous expected returns, a wider business value is generated which doesn’t depend on the traditional search metrics of revenue, impressions and traffic. Under this scenario, ‘trust’ can act as a core online distinction between websites and brands, influencing user behavior at the time of pre-click i.e. advert, and post-click i.e. website phases.

Tips & Tricks to Rank High on Google News

Aim Universal

Whenever results from Google News are drew into Google’s core SERPs, it leads to a significant opportunity to rank the head terms which you can never usually thing of, although for a restricted time period. Considering the experiences of expert digital marketers, it’s quite simple to optimize by placing the keyword in the body and of course the headline. Such an action can lead to traffic spikes for great volume terms like “Twitter”, however, only lasting for a small amount of time. 

Prefix Head Term

You can call it an easy strategy, which can result in satisfactory outcomes. Usually, with ongoing events like the FIFA World Cup, news sites like to prefix their active headlines by fixing a head term; for example “FIFA World Cup 2018: Real article headline”. You can see that, the actual headline comes after the prefix headline.

Pictures Receive Clicks

The concept of image optimization leaves you with fewer competitors which are included in Google News. Moreover, there are chances that not many of them use images across their articles, and even if they do, the likelihood of optimization is quite less. Hence, with an aim to get your images ranked you must: 

  • Prefer large images; a minimum of 300px across one dimension
  • Descriptive captions
  • Try to position the chosen image close to the article’s headline
  • Find clean image tags (HTML), and try not to make your image appear as a link.

Provide News Quick & Flashy

The term ‘Citation Rank’ is a way through which Google News identifies the source through which the story has been broken out. Interestingly, this is considered as a prominent ranking factor.  Suppose your website is the prime contender in publishing the story and numerous sources keep you as a reference, then you hold a strong sign of authority over the subject.

Impressed by these strategic tips? If you face any issues regarding your websites ranking on Google News, contact us right away! Our expert team is well aware and informed to guide you well in Digital marketing your website wonderfully on the internet.

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