Why PPC is Booming Market and SEO is Ignorance in

Why PPC is Booming Market and SEO is Ignorance in the Market?

Every second person today has a plan to set his own venture. In this rat-race world for every product we need a market and since we are in a smart generation waiting for years and years for success is a clear NO for us. Market is the only choice left to many of us who want to earn six-digit income quickly and along with wants to be a success in the business world. PPC and SEO both are incredible ways of getting exposure for your business. While traffic coming from SEO is free, on the other hand as the name suggest traffic generated by PPC is paid. Although you need to use both but over the time PPC has gained tremendous popularity. So Here we are with the 5 reasons that makes PPC better than SEO.

1) Quick: PPC is an excellent way to quickly start generating traffic for solid sales to your website. It helps in generating immediate leads, calls and sales. It allows you to pay for the generated traffic using PPC advertising programs offered by Yahoo search marketing, Google AdWords and many other by displaying your ads on sponsored section of the search engine’s result page. On the other side SEO requires patience and advance investment. It brings you targeted traffic from search engines like Google and Bing.

2) Cheap: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. It is a misconception that PPC campaign is costly. Instead everything is measurable from the results your ads will receive, clicks you get, number of visits to your site and conversions. A good PPC campaign is one that is optimized and there are always ways to  lower the cost to achieve more in less budget.

3) Ease of Use: One of the major weakness of SEO is that algorithms changes from time to time and when that happens there is a high risk of losing rank overnight. In comparison PPC is certainly easier to implement. It makes you the boss and ensures intuitive campaign structure. It makes monitoring effective and allows you to better identify efficiencies and inefficiencies.

4) Highly Beneficial: Visitor coming from PPC ads have higher chances to convert. Moreover, results are always immediate. Besides It can easily get your ad on the top first page depending on the popularity of the keyword, number of advertisers using specific keywords, quality score, CTR among many others while SEO is quite tiring as it takes a lot of time and effort to get the site listed in the top 5 organic position.

5) Better control on ads: PPC provides you with control over the ads copy, choices of the landing page, keywords you show up on, visibility of the keywords and so on which leads to better result and lesser excuses. Whereas with SEO, Google is the boss and you have the limited ability to guide the user’s experience.

From the above we can easily conclude that PPC is a must use tool for almost all the businesses and that the reason it is booming in the market. Missing it can simply imply missing a great opportunity for growth.

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