Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need SEO services for my website?

A: SEO i.e., Search Engine Optimization is way to position your site on the top spots of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., It makes your site user friendly, more visible in searches, comparatively faster and easier to navigate thus increasing the traffic looking for your brand products and services. It Simply boosts your business, makes you ahead in the competition and helps achieving the strategic business objectives.

Q: What is On-Page SEO and why do I need it?

A: On page SEO is one of the factors for success of your campaign. It is a technical way that helps google understand your website, enhances its performance, improves the ranking of the site. This is done by optimizing the individual webpages of the website. If you really wish to enhance the positioning of your site and earn relevant traffic in search engines you need On-Page SEO. It includes optimization of title tag, images, keywords etc., It is a must for all the business but works best for beginners.

Q: How does SEO changes your brand value?

A: Advertisements today are not limited to Newspaper and Television. Everyone wants their brand name along with fame. SEO is a vast online marketing strategy which includes Blogging, Article writing, Press Release, Keywords targeting, etc., It keeps your target market updated and develops brand awareness on various platforms through PPTs, PDFs, Videos attracting potential customers to your site. SEO gives your brand the ability to bring intensely target local and global market by making your site visually appealing. It gives our site a prominent Organic visibility, targets branded keywords and creates visual content. SEO might appear slow but a must technique to be applied to a website. Once its ranking starts raising, you need not to invest on Paid Marketing Campaigns.

Q: How long does it takes to see the business ranking from SEO and do you provide warranty?

A: Achieving the top most position in the business is something that each business desires but there is no fixed duration that guarantees you the success instead website ranking depends on various factors like quality of website, keywords used, uniqueness of content, site structure, target region, and of course google algorithm which keeps on changing. Many companies make false commitment with the only purpose of attracting the clients, otherwise there is no base which sets the timeline of business ranking. We can only guarantee the usage of current techniques that are in accordance with Google which certainly can lead the positive results.

Q: How is SEO different from SEM?

A: SEM i.e., Search Engine Marketing is a broader term which includes all the marketing activities like SEO, PPC, Social Media Campaign, Affiliate Programs, etc., It also includes Regular Blogging, Press Release, Article Writing, and Bookmarking sites which helps your product reach the consumer. SEM is useful for all those who are new in the business and wish instant results.

Q: Is it good If I copy textual content from other sites?

A: Never Ever Copy! Copying a content from others site for your use is infringement of copyright laws. For Google, it’s easy to detect the copied content. Doing so can damage the ranking of your site and push your site far behind the competition. In fact, Google might block your site as penalty. You can take ideas from other websites but always create unique content with strong headings or you can hire professionals.

Q: How can I track SEO results and see what is done?

A: There are various tools through which you can track SEO result. One such tool is Google Analytics. Using these tools you can easily keep a record of number of visitors, visitors’ platforms, their locations, thier activities, etc., It gives you access to search control. You can also track Global ranking of your site by manually learning keywords ranking. It can be done using tools like SEM rush, SEO traffic tool or Alexa Ranking tool. These tools also help detecting inefficiencies of your site and thus broadens the scope the improvement.

Q: If I pick your service then how many keywords can I choose as the campaign focus?

A: Though keywords help in ranking of site but campaign is never dependent on the number of keywords. It is a misconception that higher the number of keywords, higher will be the ranking. Instead quality of keywords matter. It is recommended to use highly researched keywords to have a commendable result. Choosing our service simply means buying our time for your profit. We spend our time working for your website and help you in your campaign to accomplish the desired result.

Q: What is PPC advertising?

A: PPC i., Paid Per Click as the name suggest is an advertising model which directs instant traffic to your website and allows you to pay only when an online user click your ads on the search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing,etc., It is an excellent way to quickly start generating traffic for solid sales to your website.

Q: How does Google Adwords work?

A: Google Adwords is Google’s personalised advertising service. It is a paid service that allows you to place and run your ads on search engines’ result page for your business. Working of Google Adwords majorly depends on the keywords. One must ensure the competitiveness of the keywords along with their relevance for real time conversions.

Q: Why Sponsored ads are more preferred as compared to banner ads?

A: Banner ads also known as affiliate marketing is an image based marketing tool. They are placed in different formats on the website. They might pop up randomly when you visit any ad-unblocked site. It is Google AdWords paid service. Though the number of visitors increase using banner ads but conversion rates are far low as these ads are wildly ignored and this is the reason people prefer text- Ads more as compared to banner ads.

Q: Why Google click through higher rates than Facebook?

A: Though both marketing strategies are equally important but people visiting facebook usually do not intend to make purchases or gain any information while in Google searches people actively look for the service, product or solution offered by you and when they make their search your ad appear in front of them. Hence there is a good chance that they will click the ad and convert.

Q: Which sites prefer PPC advertising?

A: PPC marketing strategy can be used by the any business venture looking for immediate outcome. Whether new or old, you can still use this advertising model for business success.

Q: How does a PPC Campaign work?

A: While making organic search many times you counter sponsored ads with yellow label on the top of the search engine result pages, these are called PPC ads where advertiser pay for each click and that's how it works. It gets positioned on the top of the SERPs and brings the relevant traffic to your site. Keywords play a vital role in the success of such campaigns.

Q: How PPC is beneficial for Business Advertising?

A: PPC if done effectively in a right manner can bring you a steady flow of potential customers who might convert if they find relevant information or services on your site. It highlights your brand, gives you brand recognition and improves Google ranking. It can help you target right audience at a location of your choice (depending on the customization).

Q: Where will my Ads appear?

A: For a business to grow building online presence has become a trend these days. Thus ads plays a crucial role in creating a brand value. Search engines like Google , Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc.,helps us highlighting our business. It gives us space to promote our products or services. Depending on the space chosen Ads are of two types, sponsored( paid) and organic. Sponsored ads appears on the top and right side of the search engine results page while organic ads usually appear on the left of the search engine result page. Paid ads or sponsored ads directs specific or relevant target to your site in a short span of time while organic ads depends on natural searches and might take long to deliver the desired outcome.

Q: Is it possible to change budget by adding Products or services?

A: Absolutely! We offer a very customer friendly packages. As per your requirement services can be easily adjusted and changes in pricing, services and inventories will be visible in the database shared by us on a simple call request or you can also mail us at

Q: Is paid campaign expensive? How much does campaign cost?

A: Paid campaign can be expensive or under your budget depending on your requirement. The number of visitors and conversions aren’t always dependent on the investment. With us you can set your budget and we will help you invest that in the most efficient way. It is advisable to begin with a budget with is comfortable and affordable with low risk. Later on you can expand your budget if the ROI achieved is enough to justify a new investment.

Q: What if the paid campaign doesn't work, what you guys can do differently?

A: Today internet is in the reach of every hand. There is intense competition for every business and creating a brand awareness is challenge now. In order to stand in the desired field one need to understand thoroughly the complexities of the search landscape. Papa Marketing has built tools, technologies and strategies along the years of experience to run a highly efficient campaign. Papa Marketing simply will not let the campaign fail.

Q: What does Papa Marketing do that I can’t do myself?

A: Search Engine Management is a hectic task and handling it on your own can prove risky and lethal to your business. We help you reducing the risk. Papa Marketing is a dedicated team of experts who work on your campaign with the only aim of success. We have expertise in SEO services, PPC, website development, website designing, template designing, etc., We work steadily and continuously to maximize the result. In simple words we are a one point solution to all your marketing needs.

Q: My search campaign is already running. What more Papa marketing can do?

A: Search Engine Management is a hectic task and handling it on your own can prove risky and lethal to your business. We help you reducing the risk. Papa Marketing is a dedicated team of experts who work on your campaign with the only aim of success. We have expertise in SEO services, PPC, website development, website designing, template designing, etc., We work steadily and continuously to maximize the result. In simple words we are a one point solution to all your marketing needs.

Q: What is social media marketing?

A: Social Media Marketing is a channel of platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many others that allows you to promote your business and connects your product with target audience. It involves posting short text, attractive images and viral videos. It also increases the direct efficacy of SEO or SEM by helping build natural links, generates leads, engage traffic, build brand value, maintain business reputation and sell your product or service. Social Media Marketing involves high value marketing strategy to achieve tangible results from social media activities.

Q: What is the difference between Social Media Optimization(SMO) and Social Media Marketing(SMM)?

A: Social Media Optimization ( SMO) is a process of optimising website by making it more user friendly, easily searchable and relevant, to grab the target market. SMO makes it easier for visitors to share and spread site across various social media site while Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a way to promote your business using various platforms like Google+, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc., SMM is known as the next step of SMO.

Q: Can we generate leads through Social Media?

A: Undoubtedly social media is the best way to connect with people. Nowadays it is more than just getting likes. In fact it is one of the best result driven and cost effective method to grow your business and connect with your prospective customers. The only condition is you should be aware of the way to utilize it effectively that too at right time. You can actually use sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram to generate real leads for your business and can become a brand in just few weeks.